Hello world!

Your host Hels Bels here.
I have taken down the old Naked Living website that was super cool, but cluttered and crazy, and distracting and all the things that I am trying to avoid but had managed to achieve despite my best intentions!
Life is funny that way.
The good news is that every moment is an opportunity to choose again.
So here I am, 4 years after launching the first version of the NakedLiving website, choosing to start again. Completely afresh!
No plan. No outline. No fancy artwork.
Just a fresh, clean slate!
I’m getting back to basics. I’m getting Naked again.
Call it NakedLiving 2.0
(Inspired by Tommy Rosen’s Recovery 2.0 Movement)

If you’ve been in a place of darkness, lack, clutter, excess, despair, addiction or mental insanity … then you might enjoy this website!  It’s my journey of continually consciously choosing to create a world of light, abundance, joy, love, serenity and freedom.

Join me as I choose to write a New Story.

The choice is ours in every moment.
I choose to strip off the crap and get Naked again.
I choose to walk down a new road.
I choose to write a new story.

I invite you to join me.

Love and laughter
Hels Bels

Jumping Helen circle

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