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It may be pink but it’ll put hairs on your chest!


This may be a pink-looking juice… but it ain’t for sissies.  The chilli kick is guaranteed to wake you up and get the digestive system moving and groovin’ 😉

– About 6 or 7 little Radishes
– 1 Beetroot
– 1 fat red Chilli (Take the seeds out! I didn’t the first time – you live and learn!)
– The juice of an Orange
– 1 Pear
– A few medium sized carrots.

Chop up the ingredients and feed your juicer (I use an Oscar blender – slow but wonderful!).
The end.
Sounds quick and easy, but the clean up is a mission!  I have yet to be able to juice without making a helluva mess!

Serves 2 (or 3 small glasses)
Makes approx 500ml (16 ounzes) enough for a small glass for 3 people.  You can beef it up with more Orange juice or an extra pear or carrots if you need to.
A small glass is all you’ll need – it’s sweet and fiery!!

I developed this bad baby while taking part in the Recovery 2.0 coaching programme during which one of our challenges was to start drinking green juices every day. This baby was whipped up on a day when I ran out of greens.  The joys of accidental discovery 🙂

Daily juicing has become an absolute passion of mine. A non-negotiable start to the day! It’s the best good habit I’ve ever indulged in.  So if you haven’t yet….get started!


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