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If you do just one thing – Drink Green Juice !


If you only do one thing to change your health for the better – ADD GREEN JUICE to your life. It’s a game changer!!  It took me a while before I was ready to really bring green juice into my life in a big way, but now that I’ve started I’m so glad I did. It’s glorious and my body has begun to crave it!!

Here’s my simple formula for green juice:

Juice a portion of 1 or more of each of these things:

A dark green leafy veg (spinach, chard, kale, tats, bak choi etc..)

A ‘white’ fruit to sweeten it up (e.g pear/ apple) – add as much as you need to get you going.

You can also add something light and fresh like cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger.  Or a little heavier and more adventurous like broccoli, marrows and parsley.

You can’t really go wrong. If it’s in your fridge and it’s green (and doesn’t taste of onion!) then throw it in the juicer 🙂


Ideally drink a fresh green juice first thing in the morning. Nourish your digestive system first thing with a flood of easy-access vitamins and minerals. It’s the best way to start a day. To set yourself up for success get everything ready the night before so you can juice up first thing when you wake.

If you’re not into green juices, that’s okay – start with orange juices (like carrot, orange and ginger) or red juices (like beetroot, pear and chilli).  Start with something you really enjoy – and slowly ease into other juices.

So wether you have one a day or one a week – make sure you are getting some green juice into your system. It’s a fantastic alkaliser to counteract the very acidic world we live in.



Here’s a recipe for a juice that’ll wake you up and have you dancing your way to work!!

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