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Beginner’s Breakfast Beet Juice

This juice is delish!!
It’s sweet and zingy – perfect for starting your day when you can’t face another green juice.

I made this juice for a complete Vegetable Juice Virgin.  He is also a fanatical  carnivore and anti all things green. As far as he unconcerned, “We simply can’t eat enough meat and ice cream”.

He loved it!
Much to my disappointment.
He finished his entire glass. I was convinced he’d take one sip and leave the rest alone. Sadly – there was no leftovers for me.

5 medium carrots
4 small beetroot
2 small apples
1 lemon
3 Oranges
Add a de-seeded chilli for an early morning WOOHAA!

Beetroots are wonderful for you, but can taste quite earthy and can be off putting for juice ‘Newbies’ – so I used the apples, carrots and oranges to keep the juice fresh, sweet and lovely and disguise the earthy beets. 


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