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The 8 Laws of Health that just about everyone is breaking.

8 Laws of Health

Forget supplements, pills, and the latest fad diet.  All the ancient cultures knew that if you followed these 8 Simple Laws then good health is practically guaranteed.

– SUNSHINE on your skin (at least 20min per day).
– Breathe good clean AIR.
– Drink good clean WATER.
– Eat good clean FOOD.
– Quality REST and RECOVERY.
– TRUST and CONNECTION to a POWER greater than yourself – your Higher Power, God, Love, or simply the power and beauty of Nature – the interpretation of this ‘Power” are varied but necessary for good health.
– TEMPERANCE in all things.

So simple.
And yet, I know very few people who adhere to all 8 Laws!
Do you?
Nope. Which ones can you improve on?

Make simple daily changes here before you run off for chemotherapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy etc.  Too often modern medicine recommends drastic intervention before checking whether the patient adhering to these 8 simple Laws.

I first heard about these simple rules listening to series of incredible talks by Gary Martin ND, Founder of the Living Valley Springs Centre in Australia, where thousands of people are healed annually from chronic and often fatal diseases without the use of allopathic medicines.

Unfortunately I can’t find these talks freely available online. But I will keep looking. It should be mandatory listening for every human being.  Seriously.

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