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Disconnect to Reconnect.

Yesterday I went off the grid. After a weekend of worrying about “WTF am I doing?” I decided to allow myself to explore every option without the interruption of the connected world. I didn’t worry about all the things I “should” be doing. Instead I got out into nature, chatted to loved ones and just allowed the answers to come to me. Today I woke revitalised and ready to kick ass with a clear action plan that is in line with my heart’s longing.

Disconnecting from the buzz of modern world allows us to connect to forces that shape our lives. It heightens our intuition and makes clear what previously seemed like static. Disconnecting allows us to connect to our heart’s longing and listen to what it is that we really need: body, mind and soul.

“Always being connected and “on” is not a good thing. It’s not productive, it’s not healthy and it’s certainly not the way to offer your best ideas and work out to the world.” – Scott Dinsmore

Read his blog here
Scott Dinsmore - disconnect to reconnect
Sadly Scott Dinsmore, the man who wrote this blog (just 11 days ago!), died while on Mount Kilimanjaro. Another stark reminder that following your heart’s longing does not guarantee immortality, but it does make for a life of meaning, lived fully (as much as is possible) in every moment.

So, on that note, I continue to choose to follow my heart in work, play and love. Despite the recent pummelling it has received and the inevitable pummellings ahead.  Lately I have been playing it safe, and all that did is bring on a nasty case of The Blues.  Good health and a juicy bank balance is nothing without doing what makes your heart sing.
And blogging on Naked Living makes my heart sing!


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