What’s the Best Way to Stay Fit and Trim?

Confession Time.
When my business (a CrossFit Box and Sport Centre) closed down in May 2015 I actually couldn’t bear the thought of any kind of physical training for months afterwards.

I was completely overtrained.  And the trauma of losing the business made me never want to see a CrossFit gym again. But recently, to my intense relief, the old desire to get CrossFitting started creeping in, proving to my wounded self that being slim, trim, agile and energised is part of my love of life.  After a bit of mental and physical healing that innate desire to be physically active came roaring back!

The question is … what’s the best way stay fit?
The key word here is “stay”, and the answer is simple.
Having run a CrossFit gym and Sport centre I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the only way to stay fit is to do activity that you love!
Love walking the dog? Then walk the dog.
Love cleaning your garage? Do that.
There’s no need to suffer through hours of physical activity that you hate.

I use the 80-20 rule.
If I love it 80% of the time, then I have to stick with it during the 20% Suck Fest.

I’m a far cry from the fitness levels I was at in May 2015, and to be honest, as much as I love CrossFit I have no intention of getting back there, but this morning i did a great workout that really got me rocking and rolling again.
If you enjoy this type of training then I’d love to share with you. If not then I’d encourage you to give it a try anyway or stop reading now 😉

Here’s this morning’s workout (the beginner version is in brackets):

Ease into spring all rounder
– Ideally start with 10 -15min of yoga. 10 x Surya Namaska is great.
– Add a 20min Slow run or 30min upbeat walk

5 Rounds:
200m sprint (jog)
10 handstand push ups (normal push ups)
20 squats

5 Rounds:
10 Pull Ups or Ring Rows (if you don’t have a pull up bar of TRX then swap out for Tricep dips)
20 med ball sit ups (or normal sit ups)
40 Double Unders (or single skips)

Hit a 5 minutes Mediation while your heart rate is still high. It intensifies the experience and deeply relaxes your body.
Then stretch or roll out on a rumble roller as needed.

It won’t take long but it’ll make you feel great!

By the end of it you’ll have accumulated
1 km run, 50 push ups, 100 squats, 50 pull ups and 100 sit ups. But it won’t feel like it. That’s the beauty of these kinds of workouts.


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