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What to do when you wake up in a flat panic.

Some days I wake up in a wobble.
My world seems to spinning out of control and it’s not even 6am yet!!! Panic starts to take hold.
It’s hard to get back to center of days like these – when my healthy routine is out of the window and taking care of me is postponed until “later”.
It’s hard to get back to center, but not impossible.
Asking for help always helps.
(But strange how rarely I think to do this, and how hard it is to do).

And when looking at the whole picture is overwhelming, I find that just taking the next step forward helps too. Just doing the next right thing. Even if that thing is…brush your teeth, pick up the dog poop, take out the trash.
It may not get me out of a crisis, but it keeps me from falling into a state of panic or paralysis.
And that’s a good start.

Wishing you a wonderful, stress-free day ahead. xxx

ask for help

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