The power of the promise of metamorphosis

Yesterday I put this image on my Facebook page:

Astoundingly I have had more shares of that image than any of the other things I’ve posted on Facebook in a long long long time.
And it wasn’t just the gals who were sharing it. Nope.  Big, bad-ass, mix martial arts men were boldly sharing away.


There’s something so wonderful about the idea that inside of us is a beautiful butterfly just waiting to break out.  That life can change dramatically in an instant.

We all have a butterfly inside us.
We are all haunted by a powerful pull to be beautiful and loving and free.
To “reach our fullest potential”.
We know on some deep level, that this caterpillar is not who we truly are.

And so, we see an image like this, and we are re-inspired with the hope that one day if we can just pull ourselves together, if we can just get everything right, then we just might become the beautiful butterfly that we know exists within.

But it has suddenly occurred to me, that while this image is really cute and deeply appealing, it is simplifying things a little.

We can’t force our butterfly to emerge.
We don’t get to chose the timing of our metamorphosis or the colour of our wings.
When we are ready we will know.
And then with a deep breathe, a decent dollop of fear, and a whole lot of faith – we will walk into the unknown.

To be a butterfly we need to be willing to let go of control, to go deep into a cocoon, to be vulnerable enough to allow the intelligence of the universe to break us down completely and re-build us on its own terms.

We need to be willing to come completely undone.

Are you ready to be completely undone?
It takes “going with the flow” to a whole new level doesn’t it?

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