What is “radical transformation” anyway?

We dream of becoming the butterfly that flutters deep within us. 
But what does it really mean to radically transform from a crazed caterpillar into a bold butterfly?

Take fitness as an example:
If I was completely unfit (which I am not, but if I was) and was to radically transform my fitness, then going from a couch potato to a 10km runner would count as transformation, sure, but is it “radical”?  To me, “radical transformation” of the metamorphosis kind requires something more extreme.   Radical transformation means that one become dramatically, vastly, almost (but not entirely) unrecognisable from what one started out as.  The genetic code is the same. But the expression is vastly changed.

So, back to the fitness example, it’s clear that transforming from a life-long couch potato into an olympic runner would definitely count as a metamorphosis!  If not a full-blown miracle!!  But, I would argue, so would transforming from a life-long couch potato into a marathon runner.   The point of metamorphosis happens somewhere after 40 km and before becoming a full blown olympic competitor.  It’s clearly completely subjective.

And what time frame does one give oneself for such a radical transformation?  A year, two years? Five?   Would it still count as metamorphosis if it took a couch potato 10 years to become a marathon runner?  The answer – Yes, if he was disabled, or very old, or ill.

So we have established that this idea of metamorphosis is actually entirely up to the crazed caterpillar who chooses to go head first into the cocoon of transformation.   And, now that I give this some serious thought, it would have to mean quite simply achieving one’s BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS in the shortest time frame that one believes one can achieve them – all things considered.   The key word here of course, is “believe”. Faith that it can be done.  Without which all the biggest hairiest most audacious goals in the world would be doomed to failure.

So…in my case…I have given myself, one year. This year. 2019.
What metamorphosis can I achieve in 365 days?
What extreme changes, radical shifts, and audacious transformations do i believe that I could tackle in 2019? 

It’s all up to me and what i believe is attainable.

May the force be with us.