What a difference two years makes!

circle of life jan 2017 - jan 2019

What a shock to find that a Circle of Life that I had completed just two years ago (almost to the day) was vastly different to the one that I completed this morning!!   What a difference two years, a new job, and a shed load of self-development can make.

Please indulge me as I indulge in a little moment of pride, joy and gratitude 🙂

Every now and again I go online and complete an IIN Circle of Life.  I store them on my desktop and look at them from time to time to make sure that I am making progress.  And boy have I made progress.

It’s wonderful validation that all the hard work, the visualisations, the self-development, the skills improvement, and the “doing things that scare me” (like ask for a job, and then for a raise), that all of that tough, soul strengthening and often nerve racking work is not in vain!

This is the progress principle at work baby!  And it gives me much needed hope that the effort that I am currently putting into my recovery will pay dividends.

Small improvements and small corrections each day will lead to big changes over time.

Yes, I am radically transforming …. one itsy bitsy baby step at a time.

All that being said, my social life hasn’t budged much in years!
Social butterfly I am not 😉
Finding my tribe. Fitting out.  Trusting in people again.  It’s all part of the healing to come.  And it may prove to be the most challenging part. But that is a journey for another day.

Thank you for reading.
Just knowing you are out there, reading this little blog, keeps me from giving up.
Thank you.