6 Success Principles For ED Recovery (and everything else)

Yesterday we chatted about how repeated ‘failures’ around food, weight and bulimia recovery, will erode your confidence and can paralyse you from trying again. 

It’s no different to having your heart trampled on in a nasty break up. 

You’d be forgiven for not wanting to rush out and take a chance on love again. 

Well, the good news is that, unlike love, your recovery can be guaranteed to last long term this time!  

Now, if the word “guarantee” irks you (sounds like used car salesman talk right?), then that’s understandable. 

Of course, nothing in life is truly “guaranteed” because we simply can’t predict the future.   

We can, however, create it. 

When you tackle your recovery using the 6 Principles (that I chat about in today’s video) as your jumping off point, then it’s pretty much gonna happen. 

These 6 principles don’t just apply to bulimia recovery though, they apply to tackling ANY big challenge in your life.

Learn the 6 Principles To Guarantee Success in today’s video:


Are you pumped to tackle your disordered eating for the LAST time? 

Hell Yes! 

Of course knowledge is great, but implementation is essential.  And if you would like my help implementing these principles and learning the skills of bulimia freedom (and haven’t yet asked for it) then you can reach out here

Your Freedom Awaits,

Helen “Boom!” Bennett


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