Can you recover without help?

If you’re smashing your recovery then there’s no need to read this post.

If, however, you’re struggling big time and nothing seems to be working…. then keep on reading.

I’m going to be brave and ask the uncomfortable question:

Are you hoping to get what you need for recovery by reading posts like these and watching YouTube videos?

Look, no judgement if the answer is ‘Yes’, who wouldn’t try that first right?

I sure did.

However, the cold hard truth is that recovery isn’t something you are likely to achieve by reading social media posts and watching free stuff online.

That seriously sucks to say it.

But I’ve had a little boss talk with myself and I’ve realised that I’m not doing anyone any favours by cheerleading in a 10minute video, while not actively encouraging people to invest in coaching for fear of appearing pushy or “salesy”.

So brace yourself, I’m about to do what I hate …. and be super salesy (and you’ll soon see why).

The fact is that the chances of you recovering without specialised help are slim.

Recovery takes strategy.
It takes action.
It takes accountability.
It takes support and guidance from someone who’s been there, done that, and made it out alive.

And I can give that to you.

Now, fair enough, you may not want private coaching (although I’d highly recommend it), so I’ve created the next best thing.

It’s a no-nonsense online course that will teach you EVERYTHING that I learned the hard way. 

The 12 Skills Of Bulimia Freedom Digital Course is jam packed with all of the strategies, skills, drills, assignments and worksheets that I use with my private clients.  

It includes:
– 6 x Pre Course Training Videos to set you up for success.

– 12 x Training Modules (released once a week over 12 weeks) which include worksheets and weekly homework assignments. 

– Access to the Private Facebook Group and Weekly Q&A for course participants ONLY.

– 10 Bonus Videos (Including ‘The 3 Danger Zones’ + Survival Strategies for anxiety, buffets, bloating & comfort eating.)

– Plus….tons of additional resources like links to favourite podcasts, meditations, books and daily practices to support your long term recovery!

Here’s the link to find out more:

For a limited time the course is ONLY €495 and there’s a 30 day No-Questions-Asked money back guarantee just in case it’s not your thing at all.


Well, that was defo the most salesy post that I have ever written.

And that’s okay, because I’ve realised that to say nothing (out of fear of how I might look), would mean that you might stay stuck simply because you don’t have the resources that you need. 

The fact is that you need a bulimia-specific strategy that works.
You need weekly assignments that are practical, specific and effective.
You need the support of people who know what you’re going through.
You need accountability to ensure you keep taking action even when it’s tough.

Bulimia recovery is extremely difficult to tackle without those things.

So, if you’re thinking, “I’ve got nothing to lose by giving this a try”, then sign up for the course and begin taking action immediately 😀. 

This way you won’t get an email from me in a year’s time when the course costs double, and think, “Damnit, I should have done this ages ago”. 

Here’s the link again:

Hope to see you in the course! 

As always, sending love from Mallorca, Spain

Helen “Super Salesy” Bennett


p.s.  If, after reading this, you DO in fact want to invest in private coaching, then click here and we’ll jump onto a free breakthrough session asap to make sure that we’re a good fit.