Hels Bels here!

If you’ve landed here then your hope is stirring – it’s telling you that there just might be a way out of the madness!! But you’re understandably still a little hesitant.
“Who is this Helen woman?
What does she know about helping me ?”
So glad you’ve asked!
I’ll do my best to answer your questions and inspire the bejeezus out of you at the same time.

My Story

Let’s not beat about the bush.
In my teens and early twenties I suffered from such severe self-loathing and depression that I tried to kill myself. And not just once.
Mercifully committing suicide is NOT one of my many talents! (I can joke about it now, but if any of you are in that place please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a little light in the darkness).
Where suicide was not a talent of mine, I made up for it by being one of the world’s most accomplished bulimics! Yep, for two decades (!!!), despite my best efforts and a desperate desire to change, I was trapped in a viscous pattern of disordered eating from which it felt impossible to escape. No matter how hard I tried, how many therapists I saw, or how much discipline I exerted, I simply couldn’t go a day without over-eating and then throwing up my food repeatedly. And boy I was really good at it.
I excelled at bulimia.

I was convinced that if I could just be happy, in a great relationship, start a successful business, eat perfectly and have a great body …. then surely, surely, surely I would be able to stop bingeing and purging.
And so I set about working my ass off.
I hit the gym with a vengeance, competed in Half-Ironman’s, watched my diet like a hawk, and avoided every trigger I could…. still bulimia was a regular part of my day-to-day.
I built an incredible business and started making really good money….. but still my daily self-sabotage of over-eating and vomiting persisted.
I met an incredible man who absolutely adored me, loved me unconditionally and put up with all my crap …. but still the pigging out and puking persisted.
I deep dived into the self-help section and discovered everything there was to know about happiness. I meditated, started yoga, went raw vegan, saw therapist after therapist. My depression certainly lifted, and suicidal thoughts became a distant memory …. but still … you guessed it….bulimia persisted.
WTF?!! Why can’t I stop?
I must be addicted, I thought.
And I was right.

I had almost given up on trying to beat bulimia when two things happened:
1. I started working with an an Addiction Recovery Coach and got incredible results.
2. I read a book that defined binging as an old program in the brain that could be re-wired.
Et Voila!!
The chains of my self-destructive thoughts and behaviours began to disintegrate and happiness & freedom from self-sabotage became the new norm.

I am thrilled to report that after two decades of self-loathing and self-sabotaging insanity I now live a truly wonderful life!

Sure there are challenges and bumps in the road – that’s to be expected. And I am certainly not perfect, but I like to think of myself as healthy, happy and free. And that’s more than it would appear most people can authentically say about themselves right?

My skills

Since emerging from the dark days of self-loathing, depression and bulimia I have become absolutely obsessed with helping others do the same, without all the mistakes, and in the fastest possible time frame.

I am currently intoxicated by the incredible new science and technologies (including meditation, breath work and psychedelics) around neural re-wiring and cementing behaviour change.

AND I continue to be obsessed with what it takes to truly, deeply, madly fall in love with yourself and your wonderful life.

A few relevant qualifications before we continue…
Life Coach ( Tony Robbins/ Chloe Madanes school for Results coaching)
Health Coach ( Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration Coach with Being True To You.
Yoga Teacher and a CrossFit Trainer (and while I love both, I don’t teach anymore).

Improving our lives, building health bodies and minds, and re-wiring old programs in our brains is all inter-connected. And having a broad base of knowledge certainly helps.

But in reality change always boils down to three things:
1. Having the right strategy.
2. Taking action.

3. Never giving up.

All the knowledge in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you aren’t taking action. That’s where a Coach (like me!) comes in.
I help you take all this knowledge, and turn it into a strategy that is customised to your needs, and then I keep you accountable so that you TAKE ACTION!
Action. Action. Action and more action.
Practise. Practise. Practise and more practise.
I help you spot challenges and limiting beliefs and brainstorm solutions to obstacles.
I encourage you to celebrate wins (your brain loves pleasure, so we feed it as much pleasure as possible!)
I keep you moving forward when you want to quit.
When things aren’t working I help you assess, pivot, learn, try again.
I never give up on you even when you give up on yourself.
We don’t stop until you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve.

Being the coach is “easy”.
It’s doing the work of transformation that’s hard.
I can teach you cutting edge tools, techniques and strategies, but ultimately you will be doing the push ups.
Are you ready to do the push ups?
This work takes honesty, humility and courage.
This work takes taking full responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
This work takes patience & persistence.
This work takes practise, practise, practise and more practise until it’s permanent.
This work will be elating AND extremely challenging.
The results are always worth it.

If you’re ready to change and think I’m the coach to help you get there….then click the button below ….