What is “radical transformation” anyway?

We dream of becoming the butterfly that flutters deep within us.  But what does it really mean to radically transform from a crazed caterpillar into a bold butterfly? Take fitness as an example: If I was completely unfit (which I am not, but if I was) and was to radically transform my fitness, then going… Continue reading What is “radical transformation” anyway?

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The Transformation Begins

2019 is the year of my metamorphosis - from hungry caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. I am 40 years old and for 24 years I have struggled with bulimia. When I was sixteen I was caught in crippling self loathing, major negative body image issues and overwhelming "not good enough" syndrome.  Being fat to me, was… Continue reading The Transformation Begins


What’s the Best Way to Stay Fit and Trim?

Confession Time. When my business (a CrossFit Box and Sport Centre) closed down in May 2015 I actually couldn't bear the thought of any kind of physical training for months afterwards. I was completely overtrained.  And the trauma of losing the business made me never want to see a CrossFit gym again. But recently, to… Continue reading What’s the Best Way to Stay Fit and Trim?

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Disconnect to Reconnect.

Yesterday I went off the grid. After a weekend of worrying about “WTF am I doing?" I decided to allow myself to explore every option without the interruption of the connected world. I didn’t worry about all the things I “should” be doing. Instead I got out into nature, chatted to loved ones and just… Continue reading Disconnect to Reconnect.

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The 8 Laws of Health that just about everyone is breaking.

‬ Forget supplements, pills, and the latest fad diet.  All the ancient cultures knew that if you followed these 8 Simple Laws then good health is practically guaranteed. - SUNSHINE on your skin (at least 20min per day). - Breathe good clean AIR. - Drink good clean WATER. - Eat good clean FOOD. - Daily PHYSICAL… Continue reading The 8 Laws of Health that just about everyone is breaking.

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Beginner’s Breakfast Beet Juice

This juice is delish!! It's sweet and zingy - perfect for starting your day when you can't face another green juice. I made this juice for a complete Vegetable Juice Virgin.  He is also a fanatical  carnivore and anti all things green. As far as he unconcerned, "We simply can't eat enough meat and ice… Continue reading Beginner’s Breakfast Beet Juice