Addiction and Recovery, Diary entry

Developing the third “D” – Discipline

My mum's boyfriend is an incredible businessman who believes in the 3 Ds of success: Drive. Determination. Discipline. When it comes to my full recovery from bulimia in 2019, I have the drive and determination of a horny rhinoceros, but the discipline? The third D would appear to be sorely absent.  And not just when… Continue reading Developing the third “D” – Discipline


What is “radical transformation” anyway?

We dream of becoming the butterfly that flutters deep within us.  But what does it really mean to radically transform from a crazed caterpillar into a bold butterfly? Take fitness as an example: If I was completely unfit (which I am not, but if I was) and was to radically transform my fitness, then going… Continue reading What is “radical transformation” anyway?