Addiction and Recovery, Diary entry

Developing the third “D” – Discipline

My mum's boyfriend is an incredible businessman who believes in the 3 Ds of success: Drive. Determination. Discipline. When it comes to my full recovery from bulimia in 2019, I have the drive and determination of a horny rhinoceros, but the discipline? The third D would appear to be sorely absent.  And not just when… Continue reading Developing the third “D” – Discipline


What is “radical transformation” anyway?

We dream of becoming the butterfly that flutters deep within us.  But what does it really mean to radically transform from a crazed caterpillar into a bold butterfly? Take fitness as an example: If I was completely unfit (which I am not, but if I was) and was to radically transform my fitness, then going… Continue reading What is “radical transformation” anyway?

Addiction and Recovery, Diary entry

The Transformation Begins

2019 is the year of my metamorphosis - from hungry caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. I am 40 years old and for 24 years I have struggled with bulimia. When I was sixteen I was caught in crippling self loathing, major negative body image issues and overwhelming "not good enough" syndrome.  Being fat to me, was… Continue reading The Transformation Begins