Alina – Holland

The 8 weeks in the coaching course with Helen were truly life transforming and very very special. It was something I always had longed for, but could not find anywhere else. Her loving presence and support throughout the whole course and through all the moments (especially the nasty ones, even outside our classes) were truly of great help to start breaking through (finally after all those years!).

I’m so very grateful for this chance I received and having taken this journey. For 8 weeks we all travelled together, even though each of us in the meantime walking our personal paths and ‘slaying our individual dragons’. It was all with real sense of connection and unconditional support. 

I don’t think I would have got all those insights and applied the changes without this course, so am truly happy that finally some real action happened!

As it was the first time I could really feel somebody did care and could understand. Being together in a group with other beautiful women, made it so safe to open up and allow to be held. And there is where healing could happen of this wound, which is not easy to show to others, especially to the outside world. But with all the tools we learned, the classes and our amazing talks, things could finally start to change and looking back now, I would not have thought to be in this space within myself where I’m now at. So thank you thank you thank you dear Helen!!! I would advise it to anyone who is stuck with their eating and is so tired of trying again something, not knowing if they will learn anything new or it will help. Trust me, with Helen you will and it’s even with fun and joy! (could you imagine that!? I really didn’t, but now am convinced) 😉