Katie – South Africa

Where do I even begin!
One night while scrolling through Facebook, I came across Helen’s BFF page and I clicked onto the link & read up, listened to the video & thought to myself – really? I had written down notes from the video & I needed to put these to the test.

After Helen & I had our first zoom meeting in April, I was so excited to get going – Helen had said to me “give this challenge 100% and I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome this”.

Leading up to the start of the coaching course, I had thoughts that were so overwhelming – ‘will this work’, ‘what will happen after the course?’, ‘what will I be doing?’, ‘if this doesn’t work, I’m done with life’.

My eating disorder made me crawl up into a ball most nights, cry, scream, hate & I honestly was just so ready for anything to help me!

Well, from the bottom of my heart, Helen, thank you so very much for being that helping hand that my body, my life so badly needed! Helen is the most wonderful soul, down to earth, funny, understanding & caring person. You believed in me from day 1, your enthusiasm & encouragement kept me going. Your voice notes on how to cope kept me fighting – ‘work with me so that I can work with you body’. You’re awesome coach Helen – yes you are!

Secondly, how amazing the lovely girls I did the challenge with are. Flip man, to know you’re not alone, that so many girls fight a similar battle, that this dreaded disorder can steal so much joy & hope. Each call made me stronger, made me realise just how by supporting eachother, grow & change can bloom!

Not only did we work on external matters but internal issues that we can so often misread. I learnt so much about myself, about others. I learnt how to speak up & act before the hurricane hits. I learnt to love more – people & myself. I learnt to be kind & caring, help others, ask how they are doing and be there for them!

I could go on forever! I remember Helen saying – ‘give your body time & it will adjust’. I can finally say I am loving life, I am living! I can look at myself & thank my body for not giving up on me, for fighting. I can say ‘I love you body’. I can stand up for what I deserve & recognize when to walk away. I can take responsibility & realise when to let go of what others are responsible for. I can listen to my body and know it will all be okay.

Most importantly – I strive to live!

All my love